Maruto is not only a manufacuturer of quality Japanese
seaweed and an importer of quality seaweed of China, but also
other sushi related products. Maruto is a licensed importer and
wholesaler serving distributors, caterers, restaurants and
wholesalers for 18 years throughout the United States.

Inari (prepared fried bean curd)
Maruto Inari (caterers/retail pack) is
made of natural grown soybeans
and is MSG free Ajitsuke seasoned
and ready for serve. Maruto Inari are
manufactured in Yamagata, Japan.
Kanpyo (dried gourd strips)
Kanpyo is used for roll sushi, which
is one of the most popular sushi
ingredient in Japan for many years.
This is also MSG free Ajitsuke
seasoned and ready to be served.
Kaiso Salad (variety of several different seaweed)
Kaiso Salad is dried seaweed
(wakame, tosaka and others)
product. To prepare: soak in cold
water for 3 minutes. This product
can be served as a mix seaweed
salad, to garnish sashimi dishes,
and other cuisines. Very healthy
organic product.

(7 kinds Red Pepper)
(Dried Powdered Seaweed)
(Buckwheat Noodle)

Containers (sushi trays, etc)
All of ours are made in Japan with high quality
plastic material and designed as moisture free.
*PZ series are #210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 303,
305, 306, 307. *Z series are #263, 265.
*Oshima series are #18, 30 are also available.
There are two types of color and design patterns
Black (Yamato or Momiji leaves) and Hinoki
(wood grain design)
PZ series & Z series
KS series (Clear)
Oshima series (Party Trays)



Image: Party Sushi

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