Nori (Seaweed)
Looking at Nori, which looks like black
paper, Americans used to be puzzled
and comment, "Is this somthing to eat?"
Since Sushi has become popular, most
of them know what it is. But they still don
't know much about Nori. Today take
advantage of this oppotunity to learn
basic knowledge about Nori.
The production and consumption of nori in the form of dried or
roasted sheets dates back 1,300 years. Nori utilization was first
recorded in the "Taisho Ritsuryo," Japan's first book of laws in 701
A.D., as a taxable agricultural product.

Processors picked naturally grown Nori in the sea until 100 years
ago, when Nori farmers started cultivation to accomodate
increasing demand.

While Korean people also are farming Nori, Japanese gave know-
how of Nori farming to China. Now, Nori is being imported to the US
from Korea and China as well as, of course, from Japan. Even in
the US., an American challenger is farming Nori in Maine to take
advantage of the rising popularity of macrobiotic diets.

Nets seeded with special Nori spores are
suspended in clean ocean water. As the spores
are nourished by nutrients in the water and the
sunlight of summer and fall, they grow into
increasingly large strands of seaweed. Once large
enough, the Nori strands are cut from the net and
then washed and ground into slurry. The slurry is
then fed into a machine which flatterns and dries
the seaweed into uniform sheets. Nori sheets then
are brought to processors like us to be toasted and
The nutritional profile of Nori includes relatively
high concentrations of protein, calcium, iron,
fiber, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous,
iodine and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E. Nori
also contains taurine, which is documented to
lower blood cholesterol, and no fat. Studies are
being done on its ability to cure stomach cancer
and ulcers. Since Nori is so nutritious as well as
tasty, some people call it "Sea Vegetables." And
so do we, as you see it in our company name, "
Maruto Sea Vegetables."
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